Biffy Clyro Blackened Sky

Scotland's Biffy Clyro is going to spend their entire career telling people how to spell their name and where they got it. And it turns out that the story isn't even all that interesting. Fortunately the music is and their debut album, Blackened Sky, is a captivating listen that continues that country's long line of great guitar bands. Because the world likes to give every band a label to make it easy to categorise them, Biffy Clyro could be described as emo, kind of, but louder and more angular. Think of Fugazi and Aerogramme and even Buffalo Tom and you might get close. But mostly think of a young band that is still adventurous and untouched by the mistrust that grabs most bands after a couple of albums. Things start off quietly and meekly, and then the guitars kick in and you realise that you are dealing with a level of power that wasn't immediately obvious. Yet they don't always follow the easiest option with a quiet verse and a loud chorus, keeping you guessing what's going to happen next - uncertainty is a very intriguing device, and they use it to their advantage. Blackened Sky is an assured and confident debut that is low on filler and high on emotion. Recommended. (Beggars Banquet)