Beyond The Embrace Against The Elements

The unwritten rule is that try as they might, American metallers don't live up to European/Scandinavian standards when it comes to black metal and the "new wave of Swedish death metal." With the advent of Darkest Hour and Atreyu, it would still seem that your average Joe Lunchbox American metal band still can't lay a claim because the aforementioned are basically hardcore kids busting out their interpretation of what At The Gates might sound like today. Boston's Beyond The Embrace sounds like vintage Dark Tranquillity and In Flames, but with the added punch of three guitarists kicking out basic arpeggiated melodies and single-string runs. I don't know if it's a coincidence that one of the few North American metal bands to challenge the Swedes at their game calls Boston home, but when something this unabashedly metal comes along that's this strong, polished and powerful, why bother trying to figure out the nuts and bolts? Just sit back and bang whatever's left of your head. (Metal Blade)