Beyoncé Thanks Jack White for Inspiring Her on 'COWBOY CARTER'

Bey sent the Third Man boss a bouquet of flowers

Photo: Paige Sara (right)

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 2, 2024

Beyoncé and Jack White go way back — they duetted on "Don't Hurt Yourself" from the former's monumental 2016 record Lemonade, which led White to suggest the pair do an entire album together one day — and now the old chums are praising each others' influence once again.

Following the release of COWBOY CARTER last week, White posted today about a bouquet of white flowers he received from Queen Bey herself. The flowers arrived with a thank-you note: "Jack, I hope you are well. I just wanted you to know how much you inspired me on this record. Sending you my love, Beyoncé."

The musician responded in the post's caption, "What a sweet gesture to receive here in Nashville this morning from the talented and gracious [Beyoncé] celebrating her new Cowboy Carter album. Much love and respect to you Madam, and thank you kindly. Keep making beautiful and powerful music, nobody sings like you."

Okay, guys, we get it. Now make that album already!

See the post below. 

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