Beware Iceage

BY Nicole VilleneuvePublished Jun 26, 2011

How's this for the perfect teenage summer: finish up high school or first-year university exams and take off to another continent so your band can celebrate its surprise-hyped debut album? That's just what Danish punk troupe Iceage are up to; they've made their way to North America to support New Brigade, a fiery post-proto-and-hardcore statement that's placed them in clear sight of modern punk watchdogs. "Sometimes our friends show us press about us," says bassist Jakob Pless. "[But] it hasn't changed our ideas about ourselves or our band."

For all their forward fury, Iceage's M.O. remains mysterious: their reserved confidence could equally suggest a young disregard of expectation or the opposite – complete and careful control. Either way, the wunderkinds can't disagree that the spontaneous attention has caught them as off guard as they have us. "We don't have any plans, but we will continue to concentrate as hard on the band as we have always done. And, perhaps, make a new record at some point."

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