Beverly Glenn-Copeland's 'Keyboard Fantasies' Is Getting Another 35th Anniversary Reissue

It includes liner notes from Robyn and alternate artwork

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 19, 2021

Formerly unsung Canadian music hero Beverly Glenn-Copeland has finally been getting some long overdue attention. Last year saw the release of Transmissions and a reissue of Keyboard Fantasies, the latter of which won the Polaris Heritage Prize. Now, Keyboard Fantasies is being reissued yet again.

On April 9, Transgressive will release a new reissue of the 1986 album to celebrate its 35th anniversary. It will arrive on vinyl, CD and cassette, and various bundles are now available to pre-order. This latest reissue marks the first time the album has been available on CD.

In addition to alternate artwork, the new version of the album will feature liner notes from Robyn.

"I am profoundly grateful to all who have supported the music of Keyboard Fantasies during these last years, with special appreciation to my wife Elizabeth," Glenn-Copeland said in a statement. "Though written over 30 years ago, I have listened to your recent musings about the hope the music inspires and the calm it brings, finally understanding that the transmissions sent through me from what I call the Universal Broadcasting System are helping to accomplish the UBS's purpose, namely that of bringing us together as a single human family at last. For this I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Blessings."

Watch a new video of Glenn-Copeland performing "Let Us Dance" below.

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