Best Coast & Wavves "Got Something for You"

Best Coast & Wavves 'Got Something for You'
Nothing quite says Christmas like, um, Best Coast and Wavves teaming up with Target for a yuletide jingle. Yep, the weed-loving groups (and future tourmates) have joined forces to spread a little Christmas cheer this year with the song "Got Something for You," which was commissioned by the U.S. big-box giant.

You can currently listen the Best Coast/Wavves song over at the Target website. And while you're there, you can also check out Xmas tracks from other artists such as Blackalicious, Crystal Antlers and Bishop Allen.

Right now, the songs, which are part of a compilation called The Christmas Gig, are only up for streaming, but they will be available as a free download come November 28.

And to leave you with some promotional words from the folks at Target, "What's your seasonal soundtrack? Is it a jolly ol' beat? Or do you prefer a little peace and love with your lyrics? Discover fresh songs to rekindle your spirt." Or in the case of Best Coast and Wavves, to rekindle your next smoke-up.