Bernice Address the Self on New Song "It's Me, Robin"

New album 'Eau de Bonjourno' arrives in March
Bernice Address the Self on New Song 'It's Me, Robin'
Bernice's forthcoming Eau de Bonjourno is one of our Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2021, and the Toronto outfit have shared another new song from the effort.

Following "Groove Elation" is "It's Me, Robin," which arrives alongside a video you can take in below. As one might glean from its title, "It's Me, Robin" finds group leader Robin Dann talking singing to herself, while its accompanying visuals take her and her bandmates through a series of surreal collages.

"How to be? How to live?" Dann says of the song. "A small metal bowl floats away into the lake and sinks — but below the waves she sits on her cool bottom, her shape shifting self not full of water but of the water, edges dissolving as her identity reforms, grows, reforms, grows, reforms, like the fascia of a body reinventing itself with each twist and bend. A sign, a cross, a road, a potato — who are you?"

Eau de Bonjourno arrives March 5 through Telephone Explosion. It follows Bernice's Polaris Music Prize long-listed album Puff LP: In the air without a shape, which Exclaim! named one of the Top 20 Pop & Rock Albums of 2018.