Puff LP: In the air without a shape

BY Anna AlgerPublished May 22, 2018

Whimsy and a sense of place characterize Puff LP: In the air without a shape; there's an almost tactile nature to the pop-jazz-R&B of Robin Dann and her cast of collaborators that is both singular and wondrous.
The band's first full-length is a mere seven tracks, yet creates an immersive experience from the opening single, "Glue." "Isn't it a wonder when we can realize we walk among the living?" Dann and Felicity Williams sing, the song's flourishes of keys and electronics complementing wide-ranging beats and bass.
Groove and harmony never stick around for too long as to lull the listener: Bernice travel through various experiments on In the air without a shape, as much of an ode to musical play as the album is an exploration of deep and complex feelings. "Passenger Plane" features production reminiscent of Björk, complete with soaring vocals that bleed into synths, while "David" places the poignant sadness heard in Dann's voice at its forefront.
Bernice weave textures with watery synths and sandpaper beats, leading into "Boat," the album's gorgeous concluding track. There is something innate about Bernice's music, full of Dann's knack for honesty, observation, and language that reflects on the natural beauty around us. It is a joy to hear Bernice's musical identity coalesce.
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