Bernice Provide Some Christmas Cheer with Their Rendition of "Drink to the Hollyberry"

The band's annual Christmas cover has arrived

BY Kaelen BellPublished Dec 22, 2023

The holidays are here! Christmas cheer has more or less reached critical mass, and Bernice are celebrating as they usually do with a new holiday cover. 

Last year, they dropped their rendition of the French carol "ça bergers, assemblons​-​nous," and today we get their take on the lesser known (to me, anyway) Christmas tune "Drink to the Hollyberry." 

The song is basically unrecognizable in Bernice's hands, turning it into a strange, topsy-turvy synth track.  

"bernie's annual yuletide offering, ho ho ho!," the band wrote on their Bandcamp page. "robin, feli, san, tim and phil entreat you to drink! the hollyberry."

In April, Bernice released their latest full-length (and Staff Pick) Cruisin'. Check out their holiday cover below. 

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