Beefs 2010: Marnie Stern Ups the Ante in Best Coast/Wavves Feud

Beefs 2010: Marnie Stern Ups the Ante in Best Coast/Wavves Feud
In September, virtuosic guitar shredder Marnie Stern called out Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino in an interview with Impose, decrying her simplistic songwriting and barebones musicality. "What's with her?" Stern asked. "I heard a song and was like, 'Are you joking me?'" She added, "You might as well then be an '80s hair metal band saying, 'I want pussy.'"

As could be expected, the diss has drawn an interesting/hilarious response from both sides. Seattle Weekly lays it out nicely in a timeline. First, Cosentino told an audience in Philadelphia that "There's nothing wrong with writing songs about your cat and boys... Haters can suck my dick."

Stern then attempted to backpedal her statements in New York Magazine, saying, "I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings, or insult anyone at all... I think that the angle that some people were taking was that a woman shouldn't be saying something about another woman -- doesn't that set us back however many years? Like what you like. Period."

Around the same time, Cosentino's boyfriend, Wavves frontman Nathan Williams, took to his Twitter account to defend his lady friend's honour. In the process, he insulted Stern, saying, "If I was a tired old desperate bitch I might say something stupid like that too..."

Now, in November, Stern spun Williams's words into a hilarious T-shirt. As Seattle Weekly reports, the shirts were available at Seattle's Vera Project show on the weekend, and include a photo of Stern with the letters "ODB" printed underneath, a subtle reference to the "old desperate bitch" jab. That's an image of the T-shirt up there above.

While the ideal situation would be that everyone could just get along in indie rock bliss, we'll definitely take an immature, public flame war as a secondary choice. Over to you Williams and Cosentino.