Basic Theory of Hype

Psy-trance is a sound that originated from the hippie Mecca of Goa but now seems to be firmly stationed in Israel, with artists such as Yahel, Astrix and of course, Infected Mushroom pioneering the sound into the dance corners of the world with hi-octane, energy-driven live and DJ sets. Working around some fairly simple guidelines of holding the build back amidst atmospheric textures and launching the fully-ferocious drop right on the beat with a stuttered, warbling synth lead, it would seem as though it’s hard to fail with the blueprint already defined. Hailing from Northern Israel, Basic exemplify the subtleties of doing it well: variation of tones, half-tempo breakdowns, disjointed rhythmic devices, well-produced use of vocal samples and the perfect transitions from dreamy atmospheric soundscapes to epic, apocalyptic nightmares. From the ragga sample of opener "Wicked” to the flowing layers of dissonant synths on the closing "Theory of Hype,” Basic dodge the pitfalls that spoil even the most regimented of styles. (BNE)