Bas Spilled Milk Vol. 1

Bas Spilled Milk Vol. 1
Like the simple yet deliciously tempting milk bottles on its cover art, Bas's latest release is a fresh batch of tracks that'll quench your thirst for smooth, subdued, immersive rap. The Paris-born, New York-bred MC chose a less apt title for the EP, however: Spilled Milk 1 — none of the tracks will make you want to cry in useless despair.
Instead you'll savour and be satisfied by the sexy slow grooves of the Falcons- and B. Lewis-assisted "Nirvana." Then there's "Fried Rice," which boasts a dark and downbeat tone, not to mention marrow-rattling percussion. That solid latter track is sadly bogged down by the Eminem-biting flow of guest J.I.D, who congests the proceedings with dense, showy, listless internal rhymes.
Minor missteps aside, you'll return to Spilled Milk 1 again and again thanks to the EP's stunning closer "Amnesia." It overflows with organic acoustic drumming and a bass line that sounds like the racing pulse of blissfully dancing club-goers.
Sure, Bas doesn't have as much buzz or magnetism as EarthGang, his more dynamic and flamboyant cohorts on J. Cole's Dreamville imprint — and yes, they steal the show on Spilled Milk 1 opener "Jollof Rice." However, the New York rapper nevertheless provides a sturdy chorus on that track and many others on this EP.
Better still (the J.I.D brick not withstanding) are Bas's skills as a curator and collaborator. He mostly works with engaging, vividly talented singers and guest rappers on these brief four tracks, without worrying about competing with them for the limelight.
Considering how future instalments in this Spilled Milk series will feature top notch rappers like Vince Staples and Saba, we're keen to keep drinking up what Bas pours out. (Dreamville Records/Interscope)