BADBADNOTGOOD's Matthew Tavares Explains Absence from Band, Shares "Embarassed"

He's been busy working on a solo project
BADBADNOTGOOD's Matthew Tavares Explains Absence from Band, Shares 'Embarassed'
BADBADNOTGOOD have done their fair share of collaborating with other artists these past few years. Now, keyboardist Matthew Tavares is stepping out solo with a track of his own in "Embarassed."

The colourful track, which can be heard below, skews more towards pop than the group's usual jazz leanings and features Tavares' BBNG bandmates Chester Hansen and Alex Sowinski on bass and drums. The track was written and engineered by Tavares himself, with production help from Frank Dukes.

In sharing the track, BADBADNOTGOOD also elaborated on Tavares' recent absence from live shows, something that had been noticed by fans but had yet to be acknowledged until now. The band explained that Tavares had taken time away from the touring schedule to hone the skills he's displaying on "Embarassed."

"Matty has taking time away from tooring [sic] and playing shows with badbad in efforts to explore songwriting and studio creativity something that he has a deep passion for and brought to our band from the very beginning," the band wrote in a statement. "For the rekkid he's still in this band 💯% creating songs/samples/drum breaks and anything you hear coming out BADBADNOTGOOD!!!!!!!"

Hear "Embarassed" and find the band's statement below.