Bad Religion "True North"

Bad Religion 'True North'
Long-running Los Angeles punks Bad Religion are offering up another teaser for their upcoming True North LP, and this time it's the speedy title track.

Basically, if you're a fan of the band, you know exactly what you're getting into: full-speed-ahead drums, chugging yet melancholy arrangements, and the group's patented "oozin' aahs" background vocal harmonies. This time around, though, vocalist Greg Graffin tells a tale of a young runaway on the go, trying to find true north.

"It's about recognizing that you don't fit in and trying to find a truth and purpose," the singer said in a statement. "Those are all classic punk themes. We still remember exactly what it feels like to be a disaffected kid in this world. And I think we were able to convey that particularly well on this album."

As previously reported, True North drops January 22 through Epitaph.