Azure Ray Return with First New Album in 11 Years

Azure Ray Return with First New Album in 11 Years
Azure Ray have been known to take lengthy breaks between albums, but none quite like this. It's been 11 years since they released Drawing Down the Moon, but the folky duo will finally follow it up with a long-player called Remedy.

The album was produced by Brandon Walters and was recorded while socially distanced at three different locations in California.

"We chose 'Remedy' as the title track for our new record because we felt like it spoke to our collective experience of the last year (when this record was written and recorded)," the duo of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink said in a statement. "Many of us experienced grief, anger, isolation, and fear, and in those times when you can't find solace in your usual places, you have to look for it on the inside. In the end, you are your own source of power, your own source of hope. 'You're a remedy, or there's none.'"

Before it arrives on June 11 via Flower Moon Records, you can stream "Remedy" below.


1. Swallowing Swords
2. Bad Dream
3. Phantom Lover
4. Already Written
5. Remedy
6. Desert Waterfall
7. Grow What You Want and How Wild
8. The Swan
9. 29 Pslams
10. I Don't Want to Want To

Pre-order Remedy.