Azealia Banks Booked for Assault After Biting Security Guard "in the Boob"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Dec 17, 2015

New York rapper Azealia Banks has allegedly been involved in another physical altercation, having apparently been arrested early yesterday morning (December 16) for assaulting a nightclub security guard. According to sources, Banks was "biting her in the boob."

Page Six reports that Banks had been at New York venue the Up & Down Club, where she was apparently turned away from a private party within the venue. According to sources, Banks became cross with a pair of security guards who didn't recognize her.

The rapper was apparently "screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing," and using racial slurs, and was eventually let into the private party. She is said to have continued screaming at the guards, though, and told them she is on the Rihanna's new album. The appearance has yet to be confirmed.

Security was said to have approached Banks at this point, which apparently led to the artist spitting in a female bouncer's face and then biting the woman "in the breast, almost breaking her shirt... as they took her out."

It's added that Banks said she would be calling the police, and returned to the front of the club with traffic enforcement figures before "punching" the bouncer. Banks was then taken to a nearby precinct, where she was apparently booked on a misdemeanour charge of third degree assault. Banks has not commented on the incident.

The alleged assault comes in the wake of other recent allegations of violent behaviour. Banks was caught on film earlier this fall taking a swing at a security guard at Los Angeles' Break Room 86, after she and her friends were ejected for being "unruly."

Banks is also alleged to have spit on and punched another passenger on a Delta Airlines flight in September and screamed at a flight attendant trying to deal with the situation.

On the music front, Banks recently offered listeners her video for "Count Contessa," which you can see below.

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