Axl Rose Sued by Former Manager for $2 Million

Axl Rose Sued by Former Manager for $2 Million
Looks as if Axl Rose is getting sued again. This time a former manager of Guns N' Roses is claiming almost $2 million in damages against the notoriously hot-headed singer for commissions that were allegedly not paid to his company, Front Line Management.

According to the Associated Press, Irving Azoff, founder of Front Line, filed a lawsuit against Rose on Thursday (March 25) for commissions he claims are due on more than $12 million in earnings since an agreement was allegedly signed by both parties in 2008. The earnings were made from recent Guns N' Roses tours of Canada, Asia and South America.

Azoff was instrumental in getting the Gunners' 15-year-long-awaited Chinese Democracy album into the hands of fans, and currently represents artists such as the Eagles, Van Halen, Neil Diamond and Christina Aguilera. Azoff also used to represent Velvet Revolver, the band featuring three ex-members of Guns N' Roses, including Rose's on-and-off-again arch-nemesis, guitarist Slash.

Meanwhile, Rose recently announced that Guns N' Roses' new manager is now the infamous Doc McGhee, the mastermind behind Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe and Kiss.

Blabbermouth is reporting that Front Line claims that in 2008 the company was promised a 15 percent cut on all Guns N' Roses earnings, but that they never received a penny since the agreement was made. The lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Supreme Court, claims the band made the $12 million-plus while performing on the recent tours.

This is all pretty silly consider Azoff only needed to follow the most obvious rule of rock - never make any kind of agreement with Axl Rose.