August Burns Red


BY Addison Herron-WheelerPublished Apr 6, 2020

August Burns Red once again prove they still have something to offer with their latest album, Guardians. They've been around for 17 years, surviving through the metalcore years to be relevant in their own right. Every song on the album is heavy and melodic, but still incredibly solid-sounding and heavy, and the album also manages to feel fresh and new, despite the band's storied history.
Of special note is "Paramount," which they released as a single; with lyrics reminiscent of an early '00s emo ballad, layered vocals and intense and driving drums., it is kinda the backbone of the entire record, but every song on the album is heavy, insistent and just really, really good.
Those who have worshiped at the August Burns Red altar for some time will appreciate "Dismembered Memory," perhaps the most classic song on the record. It has that beloved, Swedish-style melodic death metal beat and takes you back to some of their earlier work.
While this record may not necessarily break new ground in the sense that it sounds like something we've never heard before, they definitely showed that they are still more than capable of making a solid record and keeping fans happy.

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