Atmosphere "Kanye West" (video)

Atmosphere 'Kanye West' (video)
After having premiered their "Kanye West" single last week, rap duo Atmosphere lend an illicit interpretation of its chorus' "Throw your hands in the air" via a video showing a couple's crime capers.

It all starts off with the robbers practising their stick-up routine in a car before busting out pistols and shotguns. After getting some fat stacks tossed into a knapsack, the camera follows the May-December twosome around as they hit a horse race, drink 40s by the railroad tracks, and get up to even more trouble.

There's more mayhem to be seen, including a beatdown on Atmosphere's Slug, and you can catch all of the illegal activity in the player down below.

As previously reported, Atmosphere's new Southsiders LP drops May 6 through Rhymesayers, and it will be supported on the group's Canada-heavy "North of Hell" tour.