Atmosphere Fishing Blues

Atmosphere Fishing Blues
You've heard of terms like "dad bods," "dad jokes" and "dad rock"; get ready for "dad rap." Slug, the rapper half of Minneapolis hip-hop duo Atmosphere alongside producer Ant, is not an MC to shy away about the details of growing old.
The pair's new album, Fishing Blues, is rife with enough hook, line and sinker lyrical references to make any silver-haired gent grin. That's especially true on the funky title track (standout line: "Check the tackle / Box full of beautiful / Look like shrapnel"), while other sea and shore metaphors appear on songs like "Everything," on which Slug describes being cremated at sea like a Viking over a crackling drum instrumental.
Other elder statesman standouts include the guitar-and-whistling-tinged "Anybody That I've Known," on which Slug uses 20/20 hindsight to describe his gratitude for all the highs and lows he has experienced that he'd never trade away. Then there's "Still Be Here," where he spits: "Hold your kids before they grow too big / Like a minute is forever when a memory's a gift," over high-pitched, soulful background vocals. Closing track "A Long Hello," meanwhile, details the subtleties of a tender, seasoned romance: "There's far too many breakup songs / And there's not enough songs about the moment we met."
Between Ant's eclectic, subtle production and Slug's equally nuanced lyricism, Fishing Blues stands out as one of the best hip-hop LPs of the year thus far. Slug's seasoned vet couplets are  especially refreshing, making growing old and wise sound undeniably fly. (Rhymesayers)