Aspen, It Is Release Me from the Weights of Gravity

Aspen It Is are painting their roses red. A four-piece from New Jersey, the band obviously have an ear for melody, made noticeable on songs like "Blue Arm of the Black Tuxedo” and "Back to the Future Part IV.” After the album’s uplifting vocal hooks are inevitably stuck in your head, reading the inspirational lyrics will leave you feeling empowered. Some of the words are arguable as to whether they’re really drug influenced or just metaphorically so. The opening track, "Welcome to Warp Zone,” introduces the disc with "We got so high, we split right through the clouds into the wide open sky” and seems to lean towards the later opinion. Lots of emotion is very clear on the record, and it is evident that a lot of effort was put into it. Aspen It is should be checked out by fans of Saves the Day, Moneen and Brand New. (Independent)