The Arcs "Fools Gold"

The Arcs 'Fools Gold'
Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records is primarily focused on celebrating lesser-known acts rather than established artists. That being said, the upcoming 30th Century Records Compilation Volume 1 debut release contains a song from Black Keys star Dan Auerbach's project the Arcs.

"Fools Gold" has a swaggering, glam-inspired strut. Even though the song has a bit of a retro vibe, the production is fairly modern, as there is a unique mix of fuzzy fretwork, faux-harpsichord, spacious atmospherics, and a psychedelic solo dominated by freakily effects-laden guitars.

Auerbach told Rolling Stone:

Generally, fool's gold is made of iron or copper pyrites that are often mistaken for gold. It has the same thrilling discovery, the same shiny lustre and perceived weight as gold, but it isn't gold and when all is said and done, it has the same value as a hunk of shit. It's always been so easy to be a fool. We recorded this song at Easy Eye Sound in the summer of 2015. Honoured to have it released on Brian's new imprint.

Hear the song below.

30th Century Records Compilation Volume 1 will be out on December 18. It features songs by Sam Cohen, Autolux, Apache Sun and others.