Arca "Reverie" (video)

Arca "Reverie" (video)
With Arca's new self-titled album edging ever closer, the producer has rolled out a new set of out-there visuals.

Arca's latest video is for the record's "Reverie." As a press release explains, it was shot in one take and features Arca himself, Alejandro Ghersi. The video comes courtesy of longtime visual collaborator Jesse Kanda.

Depicted in the video as wounded mechanical matador, Ghersi said in a statement, "Bullfighting is a piercing metaphor: you are fighting a bull, and at the same your self. You are not the victim or the oppressor, you are both— animality and bestiality are conflated. Evoking sex invokes our animality... And evoking our animality, in turn, invokes spirituality."

You can watch it play out for yourself below.

Arca will arrive on April 7 through XL Recordings.