Apples In Stereo The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone

The flagship of the Elephant Six launches its third full-length effort with this inward-looking work that stands as their best, and one of the best the whole collective has offered up. By keeping the reigns on both the sounds and the songs (something others like Olivia Tremor Control have some trouble with), front-man Robert Schneider has provided a rock opus that teems with horn lines and hand claps, both maintaining his obsessions (Phil Spector, Brian Wilson) and expanding beyond them. The "moone" is apparently the inner light of creativity, the opposite of the alien transmissions from space that framed their first effort, Fun Trick Noisemaker, which this closely resembles. Instantly catchy, yet layered enough to fully reward careful repeat listenings, the time has come to discover A World Inside the Moone. (Spinart)