The Apples in Stereo Explore the Universe with Elijah Wood in New Short Film

The Apples in Stereo Explore the Universe with Elijah Wood in New Short Film
To Elephant 6 power poppers the Apples in Stereo, Elijah Wood is more than just the actor who played Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy: he's also their boss.

Wood is the founder of Simian Records, the label that released Apples in Stereo's 2007 album, New Magnetic Wonder, as well as their 2008 rarities compilation, Electronic Projects for Musicians. He also directed the music video for "Energy" from New Magnetic Wonder.

Now, as previously reported, Wood's label is currently gearing up to release the Apples in Stereo's latest album, Travelers in Space and Time, which is due out on April 20. In preparation for the release, the group shot a short film called Exploring the Universe with Elijah Wood, featuring the label boss alongside Apples in Stereo front-man Robert Schneider.

As The Playlist points out, the video, which can be seen at and below, plays off the theme of Travelers in Space and Time, featuring Wood and Schneider as alternate dimension versions of themselves. Bizarro Elijah Wood is a middle school teacher with a cable access television show, while Bizarro Robert Schneider is a scientist who invents a time machine. also includes a time machine that allows you travel to different points in the band's history and listen to songs from that era. If you travel to 2010, you can listen to the robotic disco track "Dance Floor," which is the fifth track on Travelers in Space and Time. You can also download a free MP3 of the song from the band's official site in exchange for an email address.

Based on this track, Schneider's previous description of the album as "futuristic, R&B-ish mega-pop" seems pretty damn accurate.

Check out a fake press release for the film here.