Apples in Stereo Explore Time and Space on New Album

Apples in Stereo Explore Time and Space on New Album
Last April, Apples in Stereo front-man Robert Schneider revealed that his band was hard at work on a new album, which he characterized as "futuristic, R&B-ish mega-pop." Well, the album is finally complete, and has been given the appropriately futuristic title Travelers in Space and Time.

With song titles that include "Floating in Space" and "Time Pilot," Schnieder explains in the press release that the disc is a loose concept album, conceived as a time capsule to be enjoyed by future generations. In addition to featuring the Apples in Stereo's usual Beach Boys-inspired pop, Schneider modelled the new songs after what he imagines music of the future will sound like: robotic dance beats and computerized soul music.

Ever the eclectic rock genius, Schnieder also incorporated his non-Pythagorean scale into the new song "C.P.U." He invented the scale based on logarithms (yes, the math concept you learned back in Grade 11), and first unveiled it back on Apples in Stereo's last album, 2007's New Magnetic Wonder.

This will be the first Apples in Stereo album to feature new drummer John Dufilho, who stepped in for longtime member Hilarie Sidney in 2006. It will feature songwriting contributions from each of the band's six members, with Dufilho contributing the song "Floating Away."

Travelers in Space and Time will be released on April 20 on Yep Roc/Simian/Elephant 6.

Travelers in Space and Time:

1. "The Code"
2. "Dream About the Future"
3. "Hey Elevator"
4. "Strange Solar System"
5. "Dance Floor"
6. "C.P.U."
7. "No One in the World"
8. "Dignified Dignitary"
9. "No Vacation"
10. "Told You Once"
11. "It's All Right"
12. "Next Year at About the Same Time"
13. "Floating in Space"
14. "Nobody But You"
15. "Wings Away"
16. "Time Pilot"