Apple Patenting System for Digital Concert Tickets

Apple Patenting System for Digital Concert Tickets
Seeing how we both record and download music digitally, it seems as if it's only a matter of time before we start doing just about everything else digitally, as well. But before we all start lining up for the digital bar and the digital washrooms, there's one last step to be taken, and it seems like the industry might be getting close.

A while back, we reported that Live Nation was in the process of phasing out paper concert tickets in favour of "digital wristbands" that would contain the buyer's information in a chip to combat ticket scalping. Earlier this month, MySpace announced a similar idea, leading computer giant Apple to join in on the fun.

According to Patently Apple, the brand's "Concert Ticket +" system is currently under patent review. The system, according to the website, "envisions a way to revolutionize the entire current concert ticket process so as to eliminate paper while enhancing the concert or event experience."

"Enhancing" could mean any number of things, including the ability to buy refreshments, to download an MP3 of the concert you just attended, or to access exclusive interviews with the purchase of your e-ticket.

The patent, however, is for more than just concerts. Sporting events, amusement park admissions and rides, and even a wedding invitation system are a part of the plans for "Concert Ticket +".

It seems as if Apple's thought of pretty much everything, including, as Live Nation seemed to overlook, the ability to transfer tickets to friends, relatives, etc. You can see the entire patent, which goes into such detail it shows the barcode you might hypothetically get scanned to receive a free drink, here.