Anvil's 'Legal at Last' Cover Art Is Highly Amusing

The new album from the Canadian metal vets arrives next year

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 22, 2019

Last week marked a full calendar year since Canada officially legalized cannabis, and while some of the country's musicians have found a new way to bring the plant into their artistic process, Anvil are making their love the leaf known with their new album cover.

For what should already be a contender for the wildest album art of 2020, the Toronto metal vets have put an angel taking a righteous rip from an anvil-shaped bong on the cover of their forthcoming record, Legal at Last.

Twelve tracks in length, Legal at Last arrives February 14 through AFM Records and was recorded at Germany's Soundlodge Studios. You can see the illustrated cover above.

Reaction to the holy hit immortalized on the cover has been overwhelmingly positive among listeners, with some even hoping for deluxe merch items of a similar spirit.

Of the album's title and cover, drummer Robb Reiner explained the following in a statement:

Legal at Last is mainly about two things. We celebrate the legalization of the Anvil bong because Canada changed its marijuana laws last year, which means we no longer sail close to the wind all the time. That's why the album title announces that Anvil are legal at last. Our fans have always known that, but the public at large treated us like criminals for a long time.

Anvil delivered their Pounding the Pavement album last year.
Legal at Last

1. Legal At Last
2. Nabbed in Nebraska
3. Chemtrails
4. Gasoline
5. I'm Alive
6. Talking to the Wall
7. Glass House
8. Plastic in Paradise
9. Bottom Line
10. Food for the Vulture
11. When All's Been Said and Done
12. No Time

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