Anvil "Flying"

Anvil 'Flying'
Ever wonder just how many frequent flyer points Canadian metal vets Anvil have amassed over the last three decades? Well, handily enough, the band have whipped up a handy guide in their new Hope in Hell single, "Flying."

The straight-forward fist-pumper features some chugging metal riffery and a smidgen of cowbell, but the focus of the track is clearly Steve "Lips" Kudlow's animated rundown of all their tour stops. Interestingly, we learn that on top of pleasing crowds in Italy and Australia, the band's a big hit with the sled dogs up in Alaska.

Of the song, Kudlow admitted to Exclaim! in a statement: "Talk about airmiles... we've got lots!!"

Anvil's Hope in Hell arrives May 28 though the End Records.