Watch Anthony Green Give 'Would You Still Be in Love' an Acoustic Makeover

It marks the latest session from Exclaim! TV's No Future
Watch Anthony Green Give 'Would You Still Be in Love' an Acoustic Makeover
Anthony Green has a distinct ability to juggle and not in the traditional sense. The singer has done time as a solo act around stints in bands like Circa Survive, Saosin and the Sound of Animals Fighting, and he can also walk the line between celebrating the past but not drowning in nostalgia. Case in point, he was in Toronto touring behind the 10th anniversary of solo debut Avalon, but when he met up with Exclaim! TV's No Future, he exclusively played songs from latest release Would You Still Be in Love.

Starting inside Toronto's Mod Club venue, he performed flawless versions of "Vera Lynn" and "You're So Dead Meat" with just himself and an acoustic guitar in a red haze. Unfortunately, the session had to be cut short due to soundcheck, but Green wasn't done with us just yet. He suggested filming a couple of more songs after the levels were dialled in for the show.

He soon took the garden that runs alongside the venue as his stage to perform "Love" and "When I Come Home," while the city continues life around him. Despite folks walking by (and the friendly frontman greeting them mid-performance), he never misses a note — hitting all his falsettos and frets with ease.

Watch the four-song set in the players below.