Anomie Belle Flux

Anomie Belle Flux
She's toured with Tricky and collaborated with the Sneaker Pimps, but there's a good chance you haven't heard of Anomie Belle. Since bursting onto the scene in 2008 with Sleeping Patterns, the Seattle songstress has only released a handful of EPs, singles and another album, 2011's The Crush. Flux is the first new album from Anomie in five years.
The talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist is among the most creative of her class. According to Anomie, Flux is about our "disillusionment and the search for identity" and what she calls the "beautiful alienation" of modern isolation. As one can no doubt surmise, her work extends well beyond the aural. She uses her music, which ranges from trip-hop to art-pop, to create sonic landscapes that explore complex emotions.
Flux is an ambitious album that not only includes beautiful vocal tracks like the pared down "The Good Life," but also instrumental standalone tracks like "As Summer Bleeds Daylight." It spans an impressive range of genres and styles, clearly showcasing Anomie's musical prowess. The album also comes with an art book that includes 14 visual art pieces by various international artists. Each piece accompanies a song and is being displayed at the Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco until September 10. 
If you didn't know Anomie Belle before, Flux is a great entry point to her discography, a great example of truly immersive, emotive electronic music. Flux signals the welcome return of Seattle's siren to the forefront of modern electronica.

(Diving Bell)