​Annie Sumi Canvas Cabaret Stage, Sudbury ON, July 7

​Annie Sumi Canvas Cabaret Stage, Sudbury ON, July 7
Photo: Sarah Greene
Annie Sumi's come a long way over the past three years, touring around with a hand-painted sign written on a piece of a pizza box reading "free hugs" (yeah, she'll give them). She says it helps keep her in touch with her humanity, keeps her human.
Playing songs from her album Reflections and a new one out in October, Sumi's set was a chance to indulge for a little while in really pretty folk music, When not overpowering the PA, she's got the voice of an angel. She played "Reflections," about the perspective of age, and a new one about dancing around the city at nighttime. Like Ruth B, Sumi has a Peter Pan song; she also played "Helpless Dancer" (her "saddest song"), about unrequited love.
Whether using a lady slipper at a tree planting camp as a metaphor for the loss of her grandmother or singing about Pantheism, Sumi's music has a mystical bent; with her pure voice, fingerpicked guitar and smiling banter she communicated joy and wonder.