Anna Burch

Quit the Curse

BY Laura StanleyPublished Jan 31, 2018

Anna Burch's Quit the Curse is like thumbing through a stack of Polaroid pictures. The Detroit singer-songwriter presents her feelings and noteworthy moments in precise snapshots: there's a hotel room in a drug haze, an unimpressed smirk and freckled skin from a sun-soaked day on "Belle Isle" — a blissful album highlight. The reflectiveness, and vulnerability, of Burch's friendly songwriting makes it easy to relate to her feelings of nascent love and to her fumbles.
Burch relies on light pop melodies and mellow psychedelia to amplify the bummer tones and love sickness in her songs. It's a familiar sonic style that sometimes does a disservice to her songs and causes them to be, not unlike the low quality results of a Polaroid picture, washed out. The leisurely pace of  "In Your Dreams" is too soporific, while "Yeah You Know" lacks the punctuation that needs to accompany Burch when she resigns to "go out west a while." Despite this dilution at times, Bruch still burns bright on Quit the Curse.

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