Angels & Airwaves' "Rebel Girl" Video Includes a Tired "Friendzone" Plotline

Angels & Airwaves' 'Rebel Girl' Video Includes a Tired 'Friendzone' Plotline
When Tom DeLonge resurrected his delusionally grandiose space pop band Angels & Airwaves with the song "Rebel Girl," we were somewhat surprised by the song's ability to sound both current and timeless. Unfortunately, its accompanying music video is not so progressive.

With a plotline ripped from the most sinister subreddits, the video follows a young "nice guy" as he tries to woo a girl by doing her homework for her. She ends up going on a date with a guy on a motorbike instead, at which point he invades her privacy and reads her diary. He learns that he's been — to use the regressive parlance of old — "friendzoned."

It's not exactly the best message to be spreading in the current era, though we can only hope DeLonge was aiming for John Hughes and not incel message board.

Either way, the video for "Rebel Girl" is available below.