Angel Olsen

"Intern" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 1, 2016

Wondering when Angel Olsen will deliver a follow-up to her outstanding 2014 LP Burn Your Fire for No Witness? If a newly revealed trailer is to be believed, it might be quite soon.

Today (June 1), the generally folksy musician released a music video for a new tune titled "Intern." In it, she sports a silver wig and telephone headset, singing deep into the camera's eye: "Maybe you know that it's been too long / Going through the motions as you sing your song."

The somewhat meta commentary of the synth-modelled song seemingly precedes an album announcement. A bit of sleuthing from Stereogum points out that the Shazaming reveals that the song comes from an album titled My Woman.

Whatever the upcoming full-length is called, it will arrive via Jagjaguwar.


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