Andy Jenkins Sweet Bunch

Andy Jenkins Sweet Bunch
Andy Jenkins may not be a name you're familiar with, but after his debut, Sweet Bunch, you may be hearing more of him. His style is a little bit country with a lot of edge and spunk. Jenkins' songwriting is breezy and his lush vocals set the bar high for his soulful debut.
Sweet Bunch starts off with the upbeat track "Hazel Woods." A carefully sculpted, warm tune that slowly evolves from twangy guitar to a long harmonic drone. The transition to the next song, "Curve of Love," is a drawback; there is no smooth changeover between tracks, making the experience less organic in its flow.
The remainder of the album makes it all forgivable though. "Ascendant Hog" is a song that perfectly captures a carefree summer evening vibe. Jenkins' vocals are reminiscent of Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes — strong but never overbearing. Influenced on the sounds of Southern culture, "Sweet Bunch" exudes bluesy chords and sprawling bass. It's a feel-good track that perfectly exemplifies Jenkins' indie-folk style.
Sweet Bunch flaunts a raw, unique sound inspired by '70s rock. Jenkins makes a strong debut through his talent to create an atmosphere we are all too familiar with — a perfect summer day. (Spacebomb Records)