André 3000's Impromptu Public Flute Performance Is the Concert of the Summer

He's been showing off other musical talents across America

Photo: @zliebbb

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 17, 2019

Society has been very fortunate to hear a number of guest verses from André 3000 in recent years despite Outkast's continued inactivity, but some lucky Americans have recently been treated to an entirely different musical experience from the revered MC — his flute playing.

Last month, the rapper born André Benjamin was spotted walking around Los Angeles International Airport demonstrating his woodwind skill while waiting to hop on a flight. An NPR producer took notice and confirmed Benjamin was playing a Mayan double flute crafted by Guillermo Martinez of Quetzalcoatl Music. In the time since, Benjamin and his flute have been spotted elsewhere in Los Angeles, as well as his current home New York and Philadelphia, where his venues have included a Whole Foods and a craft store. The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that the rapper is in the city shooting AMC anthology series Dispatches from Elsewhere.

Find a handful of André 3000 flute sightings below. This year, he's contributed guest verses to albums from James Blake and Anderson .Paak.

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