André 3000 Took His Flute Talents to a Portland Open Mic

A fan who spotted the Outkast MC said "he stayed and hung out for the entire show"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 13, 2021

While his Outkast partner Big Boi was recently spotted living it up with the Stanley Cup, André 3000 has once again popped up in an American city alongside his elegant Mayan flute.

This time around, the artist born André Benjamin was spotted at an outdoor open mic event in Portland, where it's believed he's starring in Kelly Reichardt's Showing Up. Production on the forthcoming film began in the area early last month.

News of Three Stacks' open mic appearance was shared on Instagram by Portland artist Summer Hatfield, who described her unexpected run-in with the Outkast MC the "coolest thing ever."

"I went to an open mic event at a park and saw someone with a unique looking double flute," she wrote of Benjamin's woodwind instrument, crafted by Guillermo Martinez of Quetzalcoatl Music. "I commented on how cool it looked and chatted with this super nice, chill dude for a minute before going to sit in the grass."

Hatfield continued, "It wasn't until after I'd sat that someone whispered to me 'you know who that is right?' It was Andre 3000!!! He stayed and hung out for the entire show and cheered for every person who performed. Was really hoping to get to hear him play, but his humbleness only made me love him even more. What a sweet dude!"

You can find Hatfield's post below. Showing Up will see André 3000 onscreen alongside Michelle Williams, Hong Chau, Judd Hirsch, Maryann Plunkett, John Magaro and more.

Past sightings of André 3000 and his flute have often come in cities the artist is frequenting for film shoots, though the Portland open mic has perhaps been the most musical venue he has appeared in yet. Past audiences have found him and his instrument at an airport, a craft store and a Whole Foods supermarket.

Outkast's ATLiens turns 25 this year, and an expanded reissue has been announced to celebrate.

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