American Badass Kid Rock Is Now Selling Pro-Trump Merchandise

American Badass Kid Rock Is Now Selling Pro-Trump Merchandise
When it comes to fist-pumping rap rock with a country twang, there's no mincing words: Kid Rock rocks. Unfortunately, if you require some left-leaning politics in your musicians, then Kid Rock certainly does not rock. As such, it should come as no surprise that the tricycle peddler is now in the business of selling Donald Trump-themed merch.

As Fusion reports, Kid Rock is in the pandering business, and business is good. As such, he's just dropped some deeply fucked-up Trump-themed merch that is, to put it simply, bawitda-bad.

As you can see below, the shirts praise "God, Guns & Trump," characterize Democrat-voting states as "Dumbfuckistan" and, hell, even offer up a crude blowjob joke. In other words, these probably aren't suitable shirts to wear to a semi-formal event or job interview.

It's a shame really, because Kid Rock's other merch is awesome. This "00 Fucks Given" football jersey is an item to marvel at, as is this punny "Keepin' It Reel" T-shirt that portrays a fish shredding a Les Paul guitar. And don't tell us you don't love this vintage-inspired "Gone Drinkin'" design.

Instead, Kid Rock's otherwise perfect merch page is tarnished by his terrible pro-Trump designs. Peep them below.