Aloha Sugar

The intro track, "Fractures," opens up with a clamour of percussive instruments before Aloha kicks in with "They See Rocks" and takes off with a momentum sustained throughout the entire album, giving Sugar its emotional rush. In addition to traditional rock band set-up of drums, bass, guitar and vocals, African percussion and vibes round off the sound and resonate like light gleaming off a gem. Sugar brims with upbeat energy and has passionately expressed lyrics that are cryptic, in a poetic way, yet original. A strong attribute to Aloha is their melodic complexity and obvious skill expressed with flare through their instruments; the phrase "cerebral rock" comes to mind. This album is in the American rock tradition but with a unique method of expression, and after frequent and careful listens, it might be said that Aloha has the same magic as the great rock bands of old but expressed in a new and invigorating way. (Polyvinyl)