Alligator Named Chance the Snapper Finally Captured in Chicago

Alligator Named Chance the Snapper Finally Captured in Chicago
An alligator going by the name of Chance the Snapper — a nod to Chicago hip-hop star Chance the Rapper — has finally been captured, after getting loose and roaming Chicago for the past week.
The five-foot-long reptile was spotted hanging out at the Humboldt Park lagoon — an unexpected sight for Illinois locals.
Unable to catch him, Chicago wildlife authorities called in Florida wrangler Frank Robb.
Robb reportedly spotted Chance at 1:30 a.m. this morning, cast a regular old fishing rod, sunk the hook into the gator's tail, reeled him in and then taped his mouth shut and got the animal on a leash.
Chicago Animal Care and Control executive director Kelley Gandurski assured Chance's new fans that the alligator would not be put down following his capture.

She told NBC News that he would likely be transferred to a zoo or sanctuary where he'll have "the best chance at a good life, a most natural life."
It's not the only recent crossover between animals and Chance the Rapper; earlier this week, the rapper revealed that he had a surprise role in The Lion King, voicing a bush baby.