Allie Massey Hall, Toronto ON, June 21

Allie Massey Hall, Toronto ON, June 21
Photo: Kevin Jones
Toronto singer Allie's brand of R&B is a progressive fusion of soul and jazzy hip-hop on record, and she brought an impressive representation of that sound to the Massey Hall stage. Backed by renowned inducer of head-nods Elaquent manning the beats, Allie was an energetic presence on stage performing tracks from last year's debut Strange Creature EP. While she was performing for a small crowd, she told them that, as a born and raised Torontonian, she was literally glad to be in the venerable building.

As her set progressed, she visibly and audibly converted the unfamiliar. After performing "Interference," her collaboration with Elaquent from his 2013 album Believing, the duo were joined on stage by 2nd Son (the producer of the Strange Creature EP) on guitar, adding a supple bottom end to the proceedings. Allie's voice was controlled and commanding and she conveyed a confident presence on stage, bouncing and dancing around to the hypnotic fusion.

Closing the set with the standout, instantly addictive single "Cross My Mind" from her EP, Allie emphatically confirmed the notion in the Toronto music scene that her future movements and creative growth will be in the ascendance.