Alli Walker The Basement Sessions: What I've Learned So Far

Alli Walker The Basement Sessions: What I've Learned So Far
A full album based on mental health and bettering yourself is a rarity; Canadian country artist Alli Walker has done just that with her debut, The Basement Sessions: What I've Learned So Far.
The singer-songwriter and P.E.I. native created ten songs that not only relate to the general public, but as Walker said in a press release, is about her own "journey of on-going personal development over what has been a transformative past few years."
Describing her music as "mindful music" and "conscious country," and with songs covering mental health, perfectionism and self-love, among others, Walker's reflectiveness is a clear reminder that everyone faces their own battles, but they don't define who they are.
"Little Things," an upbeat drum-induced song with a mandolin, cymbals and background vocals, dives into different things that can "make all the difference" in one's day, whether it be something as simple as a smile, a text from mom, progress in life or having a different attitude. "Love Yourself" a is slowed-down string and percussion tune that deals with everything from body issues to giving away the love you deserve. "You gotta treat yourself like someone else, you wouldn't say the things you say, you wouldn't think to think that way / Girl you're allowed to love yourself," Walker sings.
"Fight Till the End" is a strings and mandolin song with a hint of drums that touches on feelings of  "sticking it out" and staying alive for as long as possible, while "Take Your Power Back" starts off loud, with Walker sounding as if she's singing into a loudspeaker, along with background finger snapping, before going into a mid-tempo tune about knowing your worth and ignoring haters.
"Raise Your Head," a song about changing for the better, but staying true to one's self no matter what, is filled with a banjo, bass and drums. "Sunny Day" a piano ballad, is about finding peace and feeling calm, even when things are not as they may seem, while "Dive Into Your Own Ocean," a heavy acoustic and strings song that interprets swimming through life, fears and emotions you may go through, but staying a float through it all.
The Basement Sessions: What I've Learned So Far is an album the music industry needs right now. The fact that Walker is as open as she is with each and every song, as well as writes and sings so vulnerably, is empowering and a testament to her craft. It's clear what Walker has "learned so far" in life and with strong vocals, it's time to see her work out into the open. (Independent)