All Out War Crawl Among the Filth

All Out War Crawl Among the Filth
All Out War have almost always sounded like some sort of sadistic, feral animal. Truth in the Age of Lies and For Those Who Were Crucified are undeniable works; they started a "near-riot" at their first show and became the target of DIY venue bans throughout New York.
Their new millennium efforts have mostly been ignored by the hardcore/metal community. On Crawl Among the Filth, the NY legends have somehow erected an LP with such consistency that it's close to touching their peak.
The '90s flavour of metalcore is certainly in vogue these days, but introductory "Divine Isolation" separates their sheepish followers from the wolves, with metallic fury and crushing guitar chugs that are exclusive to All Out War's brand of riffing warfare. Vocalist Mike Score has such a specific turmoil in his throat, sounding far crueller than any vocalist two decades into their career should. It is what All Out War are known for, and the group know that their audience wants nothing more or less.
Album highlight "Drink the Plague" tastefully expands their crossover recipe, with a compromise of New York hardcore and death metal shade, and first single "Judas Always Crawls" chases Slayer-esque thrash and concludes with a double-bass tempo sure to start a fight or two in a mosh pit. Score and company are reliable for unhinged metallic energy. Crawl Among the Filth might just be an insurgent shot heard around the world, specifically by a younger, stream-friendly crowd.
All Out War's wish to deliver untainted heavy hardcore sometimes gets stunted by excess metal overkill. Heard on "Septic Infestation" and "What Was Becomes Undone," All Out War get carried away with misplaced slam riffs and over-the-top, unconvincing vocal performance, followed by "Contempt Be Thy Fate" which is chalked with a one-dimensional riff collage.
It's hard to shake a fist at, though. Instead, you're likely to be throwing it at a face during the stronger "Gehenna Lights Eternal" and "Suffocate and Subjugate." They are heavier sections of Crawl Among the Filth that make a case for why All Out War might not sit atop metalcore royalty anymore, but still keep guard of it with heavy ammunition.
You have probably heard what All Out War do before. Their genre might be scoffed at and viewed as diluted at times, but Score and his troupe are still jewels amongst cheap copper. Crawl Among the Filth is an assertive and fearsome ration of absolute metalcore. (Unbeaten Records)