All of PUP's Music Videos — Ranked

From one-take ragers to elaborate multi-video narratives, PUP's music videos sometime transcend the medium itself
All of PUP's Music Videos — Ranked
Photo: Jess Baumung
Earlier this week, PUP dropped a new tune, "Anaphylaxis," and an accompanying music video, which had us thinking — damn, PUP have put out a lot of great music videos over the years! From enrolling in demolition derbies to plenty of gratuitous blood, guts and violence to a rich, ever-expanding mythological world, the Toronto quartet put as much care to each clip as they do to their hook-crammed pop-punk tunes. Since all we can do right now is watch their clips over and over and over again, here's our rankings of every single PUP music video.

16. "My Shadow" (Jay Reatard cover) (2014)

It's a simple, black-and-white performance video of a cover song. Look, all these videos are great but something's gotta come in last. 

15. "Back Against the Wall" (2015)

Same deal as "My Shadow," but bonus points for being an original (and for the ketchup costume).

14. "Morbid Stuff" (2019)

Another live video, but this one features footage shot by fans from the crowd which best captures what it's like to be in the pit during PUP's massive, intense live shows. The real question is, when will they release the orchestral version of the track that soundtracks the video's intro?

13. "Free at Last" (2019)

The band made the lyrics and chords to their single "Free at Last" available before they released the song, and challenged their fans to create their own renditions of the tune before having heard it. The result is a sweet and creative showcase of the band's dedicated fan base, with plenty of shenanigans courtesy of the PUP lads.

12. "If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will" (2016)

The PUP lads resolve their intraband tension by (how else?) beating the shit out of each other, and are forced to deal with the repercussions of their actions while held captive in a hospital in this short but sweet (and impressively gruesome) clip.

11. "Anaphylaxis" (2020)

The band's latest video might be their outright funniest, as a young boy is terrorized by a swarm of bees after he accidentally(?) whacks their nest. Remember Grizzly Bear's trippy-ass claymation video for "Ready, Able"? This is like that video's snotty younger brother.

10. "Lionheart" (2014)

PUP couldn't just shoot a party video — they had to throw the best house party ever captured to tape and do it in one take. It's quite the rager: There's a game of Edward Fortyhands, strobe lights, an R/C helicopter, a passed-out dude turned into a TP mummy, keg stands, a castle made of beer cans, sparklers, a dude who hogs all the pizza and that couple that won't stop making out. It might make you anxious if you're watching while physically distancing, though (as if the live footage wasn't bad enough).

9. "Mabu" (2014)

The Babcock family car, the song's namesake, gets a fitting sendoff in a demolition derby. It's a simple, sweet and hilarious video that serves more as a funeral to Stefan's beloved Camry than a standard music video, but few things beat the sight of watching Stefan gleefully ramming into his competitors (the band bashing in the car windows is a close second).