All Eyes on Monomyth

All Eyes on Monomyth
Well before they began collaborating in the psych-pop quartet Monomyth, Josh Salter and Matt Peters played on opposing little league baseball teams outside of Halifax, representing Hubley and upper Tantallon respectively.

After the demise of the Matt Peters Erection ("I didn't name it; everyone else called it that," Peters insists; "Yeah, it was the Matt Peters Erection," Salter counters) they started a high school band called Overlord Sinner, recording themselves on primitive state-of-the-art technology.

"Was it Windows Media recorder?" Peters asks. "A minute was all you had?"

"Yeah, so all our songs were 60 seconds or less," Salter recalls. "You work with what you have."

The now-20-somethings loved local noise-rock by the Burdocks (later known as Dog Day) and played in the "classic rock" band Quivers. Salter soon investigated the local murderecords scene that preceded him.

"I would read the Sloan message board, like on the daily," he says. "What else was I gonna do in Hubley? I definitely got into them late. I'd say not all of my band loves that type of music."

Salter formed Monomyth with My Bloody Valentine fans Seamus Dalton and Graeme Stewart before Peters joined on drums. Their hazy new record Saturnalia Regalia! (out July 22 on Mint) is full of surprising hooks and subtle wit. The Women-y "Pac Ambition" is a nod to Tupac Shakur and features the lyric, "I'm gonna marry Tony Yayo's daughter."

The album is the product of team spirit — distinct songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists cohering — that Halifax bands like Sloan and the Super Friendz exemplified in their heyday. "It's easier to get people involved in a band if they're going to have a say in what's happening," Salter explains. "And it's not like everyone writes ten good songs. Sometimes you each only write three good songs."