Alkaline Trio "I Wanna Be a Warhol" (video)

Alkaline Trio 'I Wanna Be a Warhol' (video)
When Alkaline Trio announced My Shame Is True, they shared a lyric video for the song "I Wanna Be a Warhol." Now, that track has gotten an official music video.

The clip for this emotive pop-punk number shows the three-piece playing in a curtained room. They don't even bat an eyelid when model/actress Milla Jovovich walks into the room and starts walking around the house in slow motion. She eventually strips off while a peeping tom scurries through the walls and watches the goings on.

Alkaline Trio singer Matt Skiba said in a statement, "What started out as a quickly scribbled idea in the middle of the night became what we now have. I miss the videos that are short films, back when MTV played videos all day. That's what I wanted to accomplish when I wrote this thing that night — to bring the story back to the video. We're very proud and I can't thank Milla enough for coming to set that day along with everyone who worked so tirelessly and passionately on this thing."

My Shame Is True is due on April 2 through Epitaph