Alfahanne Alfapokalypse

Alfahanne Alfapokalypse
Because metal albums today are so multi-layered and often seek to blend varied elements, genre-blurring records tend to be either incredibly strong and breathtakingly varied, or sound like a jumbled mash of different elements that don't quite fit together. Alfahanne's Alfapokalypse is a bit of both; their sound works well, and the music is catchy, but a few moments on the recording make it fall somewhat short of cohesive.
This Scandinavian group is described in their press release as going for a sound that blends "classic rock, black metal, punk, and gothic." In a sense this works very well — most of the riffs on this record sound like accessible, catchy melodic death metal in the vein of the Haunted or In Flames meets a slightly blackened, crusty vibe — but while the album is extremely catchy, the vocals are harsh and abrasive punk vocals, not metal screams, that feel a little lost alongside the epic riffs.
The production also sounds a little rough and raw for an album that aims for a polished, poppy sound, and there are moments where the recording sounds generally confused, as though two things are playing at the same time.
Still, tracks like the catchy, foot-tapping "Alfa Hordes" and the brutally abrasive "Ormar Af Satan" give this record enough edge and melody to keep listeners interested, but the highs don't quite make up for the lack of consistency here. (Candlelight USA)