Alexisonfire's George Pettit Becoming a Firefighter

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 9, 2012

Since the breakup of Alexisonfire last year, some of the band members have gone on to other musical projects. Dallas Green has focused on City and Colour, while Wade MacNeil became the singer of Gallows. The band's George Pettit, on the other hand, is apparently changing gears and beginning an entirely new career: firefighting.

This interesting nugget comes from a recent Dallas Green interview with AUX, in which the singer-guitarist spoke about the band's plans to say goodbye with a farewell tour. While discussing the planned trek -- which he said was "moving forward with a head full of steam" -- Green said, "George is becoming a firefighter -- did you know that?"

Green continued, "He's getting really strong. And he is licensed to drive a bus, which I guess is because he's going to drive a firetruck, which is awesome. So he's doing that."

We're not entirely sure when Pettit will be a fully qualified firefighter, but in any case, since the Alexisonfire farewell tour is evidently a go, we should have a chance to catch up with all of the members before long.

Green admitted that Alexionfire's last show prior to their dissolution was a "sad, depressing experience," but now the members have "let the wounds heal."

While it's not clear how many shows they'll be playing, he explained, "I think we might even play some songs off the first record [2002's Alexisonfire]. We swore them off for the last four years, but there's been some talk of that. I don't know if we'll do that because it means we'll actually have to learn them again.

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