Alexisonfire Set Sights on Dog's Blood

Alexisonfire Set Sights on <i>Dog's Blood</i>
Love them or hate them, there's no denying the impact that Toronto, ON's Alexisonfire have had on the Canadian musical landscape. Following their cover-worthy 2009 effort, Old Crows/Young Cardinals, the band have been on a seemingly endless world tour. Now, with a massive Warped Tour slot lined up, it looks like they'll manage to squeeze out a new EP as well.

 In a recent interview with Spinner, guitarist Dallas Green announced that the upcoming EP will be called Dog's Blood, and started with "a really crazy riff."

"[The riff] turned into a song, which probably would have never made it onto an album because it's a bit too crazy," he added. "They're completely different-sounding songs and would probably never make it onto a [full-length] record...That's what EPs are for, though, completely miscellaneous stuff."

Green went on to say that while the Dog's Blood EP still needs to be recorded, all of the art has already been created by renowned American visual artist Skinner. "We're always last minute artwork people, so to have it already done is amazing; it's something we've never had in our lives," Green said. "We just said, 'Here's the band name and here's the name of the EP, feel free' and he sent us this amazing cover art and back cover art before we even had any of the other songs done."

While no release date has been set for Dog's Blood, Green promises that it will be released before the end of 2010.